Bad Dog No Biscuit

Allow us to formally welcome you to the Home of 'Bad Dog No Biscuit' on  the interweb, We are an acoustic group with a passion for good music. Formed over seventeen years ago the band consists of 5 members and a dog (although to be honest we aren't sure how committed the dog actually is ??!!)

In an era with covers bands playing the same selection of songs, Bad Dog offer a refreshing  alternative mix of old and new music from the well-known to the unsung heroes.

Mike Wiles - Mandocello, Guitar, Gazouki, Tenor Guitar, Cajon, Banjo  and Vocals


I have been playing guitar since I was thirteen and regularly gigged in the Dining Room until 15 years ago when I started Bad Dog No Biscuit. I like a wide variety of melodic music preferably combined with a good story, so when I was a teenager I was into Fairport Convention when many of my friends were into Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. Having been a big fan of Show of Hands for over 20 years there was an inevitability I would want to learn the Mandocello!  

In our set we cover songs and tunes from well known artists to ones people might not be familiar with, the common factor being great songs. We hope that people may enjoy wwhat we do and also checkout some of these other great songwriters.


Alan Carter -  Guitar, Bodhran and Vocals


Once upon a time I was a Mod, but various episodes of falling off my scooter and looking like an ex army tent as I walked down the street in my Parka, prompted me to seek out a more meaningful genre of music. So folk it was! I liked the stories within the songs, poverty, punishment, cruelty and hunger all featured strongly, so who wouldn’t be attracted to that. Having played with Bad Dog No BIscuit over the past 12 years there is just the poverty and hunger left – but we are working on the!  When you see us play come up and say hello, then we can chat about where I went wrong. See you soon.


Hannah S-B, Vocals, Whistle and Percussion


Music has always been a huge part of my life. Making drums out of saucepans and wooden spoons aged three is one of my earliest memories! But at 18, I did the one thing my young self has never forgiven me for - I stopped playing. There followed a hiatus of 15 years of no singing or playing - instead, I filled the void by dancing lindyhop (1930s swing dancing). A few years ago, I moved back to Somerset and discovered a local folk night. I was truly inspired by the music and started playing and singing again. This led me to joining Bad Dog No Biscuit in 2017. I loved the repertoire immediately and in particular the focus on folk music, with its flowing, evocative sounds. I’ve promised my 16-year old self I won’t stop this time…

























Memorable, engaging music with a story to tell



Lucy Hawkins - Violin, Whistle and Vocals


I play the piano but wanted to learn a more portable instrument, so took up the fiddle which produces a lovely sound. I also play the whistle, which has seemed a natural progression from the recorder as a child! During my spare time I sing in the Stanchester Choir, singing mostly folk songs from the South West. I joined Bad Dog No Biscuit in October 2012 and love the fact that our repertoire includes songs born and bred in the West Country.

Jim Cook - Bass


Music was what I thought I was about, staring out of the window at School in 1962. Racing to the Granada at Kingston to see visiting American Rock’n’rollers such as Gene Vincent, Little Richard, Duane Eddy, Jerry Lee Lewis. In 1963 I began work in London and saw The Rolling Stones at Eeel Pie Island and touring blues artists such as Muddy WEaters, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Otis Spann. 1964 was exciting, seeing Holin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley at the Ricky Tick Club, Guildford. In 1965 I saw Bob Dylan’s first concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I had music coming out of my ears and had to start a group with friends. After a gap of a lifetime, I am pleased to be back on bass with the wonderful Bad Dog, No Biscuit!

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