Bad Dog No Biscuit

A Big Thank You!!!


A massive thank you to everyone who came and listened to us playing at The Esplanade Perfortmance Area at  Lyme Regis on the 25th July. We were hoping to pass the total that was collected last year when we played (£212) and we are delighted that this was done comfortably as the final total collected that evening was £279.75!! Thanks you all for your genorosity both we are the RNLI are pretty chuffed with that!!

By Mike Wiles, Jul 22 2017 02:06PM

It is nearly 23rd July and tomorrow is the last gig with John playing Bass with us. We would really like to give him a great send off so please come along to Lyme Regis and support the work of the RNLI . As we mentioned in the last posting, we will miss John (though we are hoping he will guest with us as an additional singer, when he is available!), stepping into John's shoes on Bass guitar we are pleased to welcome Jim who will be providing those low rumbly bits after tomorrow. We are also delighted to say that we have been joined by Hannah, on, so for the first time in over 10 years there will be five of us again! Hannah will be providing vocals, hamonies, whitle and percussion!

We are really excited as this gives us more even vocal firepower. Tomorrow Jim and Hannah will be joining us for a number of the songs and also guesting is Kent, providing Trumpet and Cajon. It should be a great evening!

By Mike Wiles, Jun 2 2017 09:38PM

Hi, it's been a while since we posted some news and so we thought we had better update you! May Bank holiday weekend we played the Windwhistle Inn Ale at Cider Festival on Sunday afternoon. Thanks to everyone who was there, we had a great gig. Lucy Alan and Mike are playing a totally acoustic set on Sunday 4th June as part of the Open Gardens afternoon in South Petherton and on Sunday 2nd July, Mike is doing a solo slot at an open Gardens afternoon at Barcroft Hall, South Petherton. Both of these events are fundraisers for The David Hall Arts Centre in South Petherton.

We are delighted to say that Bad Dog will again be performing at the performance Lyme Regis as part of Lifeboat Week 2017. This will be at 7.00pm on Sunday 23rd July and we really hope that if you enjoy our music you will be able to come along as sadly this will be the last gig with our long serving bassist, John.

John has been ith Bad Dog since we started in 2000 and has provided the solid bass foundation for everything else as well as contributing vocals (lead and harmony). He has decided that it is time to hang up his bass guitar but we are hoping that we can twist his arm to appear and sing occasionally with us as a guest. We would like to thank John for his unfailing good humour, wisdom and his expertise with our PA!

We will have a couple os guests performing with us at Lyme, including our newest member who will be stepping into John's shoes (not literally!!) so please watch for more details on our Facebook page.

By Mike Wiles, May 4 2017 06:05PM

We realise that it has been a while since we posted anything so apologies. This in part has been because our siite has been down but we are back and ready for the summer!

2017, it is hard to believe that Bad Dog started 17 years ago, but that is true....we have the setlists to prove it (probably fortunately not photographic evidence! We are delighted to say that we will be playing at The Windwhistle Inn Ale and Cider Festival on Sunday 28th May and then on Friday 2nd June we will be appearing at the charity evening for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Also we ought to mention that we will once again be performing for Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week, this year (due to other commitments) we will be playing on Sunday 23rd July, so please come along and support this terrific charity.

By Mike Wiles, Dec 21 2014 09:54AM

Goodness, nearly the end of another year and we have had some great times in 2014!! We have been luck enough to play at a Pitfest (a great little Somerset Festival !) for the last couple of years and also at The Green Scythe Fair. We have managed to play some pub gigs and hope to be doing more of both of these next year. Probably the best gig was playing at the performance area on the front at Lyme Regis, looking out on a warm July evening across Lyme Bay and helping to raise money for the RNLI. We are very excited about being asked to close Lifeboat week next July.

Next Year is actually quite a milestone for us. The band is celebrating 15 years of making music as Bad Dog, No Biscuit. We still have 3 original members of the group and we really want 2015 to be our best year so far!! We enjoy playing together as much as we did when we started and it would be great to share that with even more people, so if you have heard us and like us, please spread the word.

Please periodically come back and check the website for news of what is happening during the year and we are planning on celebrating our 15 years properly at some point!!!!

By Mike Wiles, Aug 9 2014 01:05PM

We are currently on our summer holidays but in the midst of this we are delighted to be able to post part of the fruits of our labours at the end of July!! we spent a whole day at White House Studios trying to capture the live sound and we are pleased to say that with a few nips and tucks and tweaks (a second day of mixing) we came away with six tracks that hopefully show a fair bit of the musical range that we cover.

Many thanks to Martin at White House, for his expertise, advise, patience and generally bringing the best out of us. We hope you enjoy these and if you do, please drop us an email as we are now booking dates through to the end of the year.

We hope that you have a great rest of the summer. A couple of us are heading off to sample the music at The Wickham Festival and it should be a great 4 days!!!

Spring is finally here and it is great that the days are getting warmer and longer!!

We have had a quiet couple of months but we are gearing up for a busy period!!!


We are excited that we are playing some different venues for us as well as returning to others!! The full listings are on our gig list. It is great to be returning to play The Green Scythe Fair again and we are looking forward to playing on the closing evening of Lifeboat Week at Lyme. We are also looking forward to what will be our first gig in Devon at The Moorhayes Beer Festival.


It would be great to see you at one or more of these gigs and please come and say hi to the band!!

Hello Summer??!!!!



We are now (allegedly??!!) well into the summer and iwe are drawing towards the end of a busy period for the dogs...!! Tomorrow we are playing Lifeboat Week at Lyme Regis for the Third year and we are delighted that we have been given the honour of closing LIfeboat Week. We unashamedly say that it is our favourite gig of the year because it is our opportunity to help in a small way towards raising money for this great organisation and also because it is just the most brilliant place to play!!!


We really hope that peoplewill turn up to support this. The gig is free, but the RNLI collectors will be there so please, please give genorously!!! The following week we will be playing The Green Dragon at Combe ST Nicholas on 1st August before we pack our bucket and spades and head off for a holiday!!

Winter Holidays


As 2015 draws to an end we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has booked us, come to see us and said nice things about us. A special thank you to our long suffering wives and partners who have to put up with our forays into the world of music and have probably heard certain songs and tunes more times than they wish to remember?!!


We are now taking a sabbatical until March, John is off to Thailand early in the New Year and we are also rehearsing some new songs and tunes for 2016!!  We may play the odd dATE (if people are available?) so if you would like to book us or see us then please check for our availability.                  


2015 has been a good year and in 2016 as we enter our 16th year of playing we would like to make this our best yet and we hope to see you in the New Year.


From Alan, John, Lucy and Mike  a very Happy Christmas and we wish you all a peaceful 2016 .


                          Spring 2016........nearly!!!


It has been a while since our last posting so we thought we had better share what is going on in the Bad Dog World.?!!



The start of the year has been fairly quiet as John, our bassist had a few weeks in Thailand.

Meanwhile we have been looking at some new material and we will be introducing these into the set over the next few months.

On the immediate horizon we are playing at a Sconathon on Saturday 12th March at Cross Tree House at Lopen. If you don't know what a Sconathon is (and you're not alone, we didn't either until we were invited to play!!) it involves baking a lot of Scones and hopefully selling them all as this is a fundraising event in aid of the Somerset, Dorset and Devon Air Ambulance. We are playing at the end iof the day at 5.00pm but the whole event stasrts at 8.00am!!



Unfortunately due to a mix up (not ours!!) the date we were due to play in April has been cancelled and so the next gig (at present we will be venturing into Devon again at the beginning of May.



Please check out the list of all current dates in our gigs section and if you would like us to play, please contact us through the aaddress provided..



Lasttly we are delighted to have been asked to play on the closing day of Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week. This will be our fourth year and so far the amount of money collected during the performance. Last year we were pleased that we exceeded £200 and this year with your help, we would love to surpass this!! If you are holding a charity event for a good cause and would like some music at this then please contact us



We  have a Facebook page and you can also find us on Lemonrock!!



We hope to see you in the near future and please do come and say hi, we don't bite!!.


            Put on your dancing shoes!!


It is hard to believe that we are nearly in the middle of May and getting towards a busy time for us!! Last Saturday (7th May) we played at the Red Lion in Chulmleigh, Devon.. It is a rural setting but it is a really great venue and many thanks to Chris for booking us and his lovely comments. It was an opportunity to try out two or three of the new songs that we have been working on and we are pleased to say that we had a very positive response with people dancing. WE still have a couple more that we will be unleashing soon!!

At  the end of the month we have a couple of private functions with an afternoon gig at The Windwhistle Inn, Chard in between and then next month a gig as part of the South Petherton Folk Festival.



It has been seventeen years since Bad Dog began and three constant factors during that period have been Alan, John and Mike. It is with some sadness that we have to announce thatour long serving bassist John has decided to hang up his bass guitar and our next gig at Lifeboat Week on 23rd July will be his last as bassist with Bad Dog.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank John for all those years of providing the low rumbly bass sounds that lay the foundation of our sound, as well as proiding some lead vocals and harmony vocals, plus his expertise with the PA. We will, however, draw a veil over his contributions to between numbers chat (well specifically the Eel joke!!). We will be annoumcing John's replacement in a few weeks, but we can reveal that he will be one of the guests performing with us at Lyme Regis.

We really want to give John a great send off and as this gig is in support of the fantastic work done by the RNLI at Lyme Regius we hope that you can come and support us! We are playing at the Performance Area at 7.00pm on Sunday 23rd July.

            Now We Are Five! (Again!)

The 23rd July is nearly upon us and tomorrow evening we will be saying goodbye to John (as our permanent bass player (as we have said, we hope he will still appear with us when he is able, to provide vocals and harmonies).

Joining us as one of our special guest tomorrow, we are delighted to welcome Jim.  Jim will be taking over the role as puveyor of those low rumbly notes. We are also pleased to announce that joining us from tomorrow is Hannah who will be providing vocals, harmonies, whistle and percussion and we are really excited about strengthening our female voices. Lastly, for tomorrow evening we will be joined by Mr Kent Sibley. Kent has gusted with us before and he will be providing some Trumpet and Cajon.

It should be a great evening!

So Now we are five for the first time in over  years.....we are really excited about the future and we hope to see you soon.


FOr details of gigs please check Lemonrock and also follow us on Facebook.


                                       Changes On The Horizon




As we approach the end of another year we are currently rehearsing a number of new songs and tunes. Out of interest we went through all the songs and tunes that we have done over the years and it numbers in excess of 130! The new material features the usual eclectic mix of material, but always with the emphasis on strong songs and great tunes.

We have been very fortunate to have Mr Kent Sibley guest with us on a number of occasions and we are hoping that our former bassist, Mr John Ryde will also lend his vocals at some of our gigs next year. We hope that you have a great Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2018!!!


          Another year draws to a close!